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a leading B2C platform in SEA, wanted đồ sộ harness the power of TikTok đồ sộ boost its online brand presence. To inject originality into their ads, they decided đồ sộ sign up for the TikTok Creative Program (TCP). Under the program, ZALORA was assigned 12 new creatives, with all videos focusing on a human-centric UGC


72% lower CPA

1.7X Conversion Scale

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Sephora, a global retailer of leading beauty brands, wanted đồ sộ use TikTok đồ sộ build awareness and excitement around its brand and increase its phầm mềm installs. With the TikTok Creative Program, TikTok supplied Sephora with unique user-generated nội dung and human-centric Clip creatives each week. Each video's closed captions were also localized specifically for each market.

+134% conversion rate

4.13x Conversion Scale


Shopee, a leading e-commerce platform in SEA decided đồ sộ advertise on TikTok đồ sộ continue building its brand in Southeast Asia and maintain a foothold in the market. Shopee's goal was đồ sộ ensure a high click-through rate (CTR) and low cost per acquisition (CPA) for their campaigns. To increase the CTR, Shopee tested User-Generated Content as creatives, which proved đồ sộ be effective.

20% improvement in CTR

19% lower CPA

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